Serving Residential and Community Care Homes for Everyone in Manitoba

Who we are

The Manitoba Association of Residential & Community Care Homes for Everyone (MARCHE) is a volunteer provincial association and the collective voice of private nonprofit corporations serving the elderly that include those living in independent living and supportive housing residences, and personal care homes.

MARCHE organizations maintain strong connections to the local communities in which they are located. People of their communities are invited to participate in the work of caring and healing and to serve as trustees on the board of governance who determine the philosophy, purpose, mission, priorities and operation of the organization.

Our membership represents 3,198 personal care beds and 2,429 independent living and supportive housing with approximately 5,255 employees, spanning three regional health authorities across Manitoba.


To be a recognized leader in advocating for and supporting not-for-profit health care and social service organizations so that people we serve will experience comfort, hope, peace, and community.


MARCHE supports the goals of faith-based and secular not-for-profit organizations in Manitoba to deliver effective community based health and social services through advocacy, education, collective representation, self-governance, and the sharing of best practices with its members.

The purpose of the MARCHE is to provide influence, advocacy and collective representation for its members.


Integrity – Care – Community – Leadership – Learning – Partnership – Responsibility