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MARCHE’s purpose is to provide influence, advocacy and collective representation for its members. In so doing, MARCHE will serve as a vehicle to develop plans and strategies to achieve the following objectives:

CALL TO ACTION: Protecting Manitoba’s Not-for-Profit Personal Care Homes

Four years have passed since MARCHE released at sustainability report for non-profit long term care homes. An update of this report and a call to action have been produced leading up to the 2023 provincial election. Click on this link to read the CALL TO ACTION.

Appel à l’action: Le gouvernement a sous-financé les foyers de soins personnels depuis bien trop longtemps.

COVID-19 brings to light systemic problems long-term care facilities have been facing for years

MARCHE issued a press release on July 13, 2020 highlighting that personal care homes in Manitoba have been chronically underfunded for years and resident care is suffering as a result. This triggered many reactions from the public. Several articles are shown below. To read the press release, click here:

An Op-Ed also written was distributed to several newspapers, to read it click on the following link:

The following links are letters written by the press and the general public, as well as interviews that took place in reaction to MARCHE’s advocacy for seniors and its personal care home funding crisis.

LTCAM interviews:

August 25, 2020 Global News Protecting Seniors in Manitoba Personal Care Homes

August 25 2020 CJOB Morning News Personal Care Homes and Covid-19

August 24 2020  CTV News Health officials identify the possible cause of a COVID outbreak

August 18, 2020 CJOB interview with Joyce Kirstjansson of Golden West Centennial Lodge regarding in-room visitations and COVID in Bethesda Personal Care Home:

August 8, 2020 CJOB interview with Jan Legeros of LTCAM:  Funding Infrastructure and staffing – Grab a coffee and take a listen – the issues are clear

06 Aug 2020 Care homes suffer from stagnant funding – Winnipeg Free Press

29 Jul 2020 Les personnes âgées doivent devenir une priorité – La Liberté

24 Jul 2020 Fort Gary Folks Need more Support – Wpg Free Press

24 Jul 2020 – Neepawa Banner and Press

23 Jul 2020 – Care Homes ask for more support – Winkler Morden Voice

22 Jul 2020 Simkin Centre – and all other personal care homes in Manitoba facing unprecedented pressures due to COVID-19 – Jewish Post & News

22 Jul 2020 COVID-19 has taught us Seniors Need to be a Priority

18 Jul 2020 Non profit care homes call for funding increase – Brandon Sun

16 Jul 2020 Non profit nursing homes call for funding increase – Carillon News

15 Jul 2020 Isolating Older Adults Comes at High Cost
Pembina Valley Online

14 Jul 2020 Financement des centres de soins personnels à but non lucratif au Manitoba – Radio-Canada

14 Jul 2020 Media Interview with George Currie – CJOBé_G-Ledoux-1.mp3

14 Jul 2020 Families face limits to care home access – Winnipeg Free Press

13 Jul 2020 Nursing Homes Asking for Help – Winnipeg CTV News

Report on the Financial Sustainability of the Non-Profit Personal Care Home Sector

The non-profit Personal Care Home (PCH) sector in Manitoba is well
positioned to address existing and future demand for long-term seniors’
care. However, past funding deficits and increased budget pressures
threaten to undermine the sector’s financial sustainability. As a result, MARCHE took the time to develop a report that provides a background on financial pressures, current challenges, and recommendations for the future. Please click on the following link to read the report: