Serving Residential and Community Care Homes for the Elderly in Manitoba

Resident Centred Not For Profit Community Owned

Welcome to MARCHE

The Manitoba Association of Residential & Community Care Homes for the Elderly (MARCHE) is a volunteer provincial association and the collective voice of private nonprofit corporations serving the elderly that include those living in independent living and supportive housing residences, and personal care homes.

MARCHE organizations maintain strong connections to the local communities in which they are located. People of their communities are invited to participate in the work of caring and healing and to serve as trustees on the board of governance who determine the philosophy, purpose, mission, priorities and operation of the organization.

Our membership represents 3,198 personal care beds and 2,429 independent living and supportive housing with approximately 5,255 employees, spanning three regional health authorities across Manitoba.

The purpose of the MARCHE is to provide influence, advocacy and collective representation for its members.


  • Support and help define the relationship between our members and the government, regional health authorities, allied health agencies and the community.
    • Coordinate the negotiation of agreement important to members.
    • Speaking to Government and government agencies with one collective voice.
  • Advocate for sufficient resources for quality care and respectful work environments.
  • Influence the formulation of public policy related to trends, changes in the environment and evolving needs of our residents.
  • Nurture a learning environment and network to: share knowledge, expertise and results among members; share resources to meet and/or exceed national and provincial standards; and, coordinate efforts and take action on issues for the benefit of all, based on our collective needs.
  • Partnering on projects with like-minded organizations.


Our member-elected Board of Directors provides direction towards the overall governance of the Association and professional staff manage its day to day operations.  The current board is comprised of:

Joyce Kristjansson – Chair, retired CEO Salvation Army
Laurie Cerqueti – CEO Saul & Claribel Simkin Centre, Winnipeg
Roslyn Garofalo – CEO Fred Douglas Society, Winnipeg
Michelle Quenelle – CEO, Ste. Rose Hospital & Winnipegosis Health Centre
Carolyn Fenny – CEO, Tabor Home, Morden