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Long-term care association pushes for increased provincial funding June 27th, 2023

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Appel à l’action pour les foyers de soins personnels

À initiative de la Manitoba Association of Residential & Community Care Homes for the Elderly (MARCHE), une rencontre publique aura lieu ce mardi 27 juin 2023 (1) pour sensibiliser aux problèmes qui affectent le système des foyers de soins personnels de la province. Pour lire l’article, cliquez sur ce lien:

It’s just just heart-wrenching – Daughter: Residents suffering in oppressively hot, financially strapped personal care home

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Spiritual Care proved helpful for residents of care home during COVID lockdowns

June 19, 2023:

PCHs secure air quality funds, seek election platform

May 23, 2023: