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Care homes suffer from stagnant funding August 6th, 2020

We invite you to click on the above link to read the article. Please note that in the second last paragraph, the content that reads: is getting input from 13 different groups on how to improve long-term care should read as follows:
is getting input from 11 sectors in healthcare to help determine how to improve the overall health care system in Manitoba.
Source:  Page 15 of Manitoba’s Clinical and Preventive Services Plan (project within Manitoba?s Health System Transformation)

Government increases LTC resident rates August 4th, 2020

At a time when residential tenancy rates are frozen to help the general public during this pandemic, the provincial government has raised the resident day rate in long term care facilities in Manitoba.

Increase in rates to residents does nothing to address rising costs in personal care homes. Whatever increase government assesses to residents results in a funding decline from government to the personal care facility.

MARCHE reaches out to public to support LTC facilities financial woes July 28th, 2020

On July 13th, 2020 MARCHE issued a press release in an attempt to create awareness and educate the general public of the reality in which long term care facilities operate. The media and public reacted instantly to our plea in Winnipeg and several Manitoba community newspapers. Visit the Advocacy area of this website to read articles, hear and see interviews.

COVID-19 Phase 4 Restoring Services Plan

Re-imagining Care for Older Adults July 27th, 2020

To read the full report, click on the following link:

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