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MARCHE commends government for creation of Department of Seniors and Long-Term care January 20th, 2022

MARCHE applauds this Government for the creation of the portfolio of Minister of Seniors and Long Term Care and congratulate Honourable Scott Johnston in his role as Minister. This is the first Manitoba Government to recognize that Long Term Care is a critically important and complex program, serving our most vulnerable persons. It requires a provincial lens and this appointment recognizes all of those things.

Manitoba Seniors in care are reliant on us to advocate, for not only their health care needs, but for their dignity and quality of life. They are also reliant on us to keep them safe; and to ensure that we work hard every day to meet all their needs.

We look forward to working closely with the Honorable Scott Johnston, Minister of Seniors and Long Term Care. We know that we can offer the expertise and knowledge that will assist the Minister. We look forward also, to the actions that we anticipate from our partnership with the minister. Now, with the Honorable Scott Johnston as the inaugural Minister for Seniors and Long Term Care, Seniors have a voice.